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Roundtable: Confronting the Drug War: Drug User-Oriented Harm Reduction and Drug Policy

Updated: Jul 24

Yale’s SU x COVID Data Collaborative’s Policy Working Group is hosting activists who use drugs and harm reduction researchers to discuss drug policy reformation, structural inequities in drug treatment and harm reduction systems, deconstruction of the disease model of addiction, and alternate ways to think about drug use in a multi-part series, Confronting the Drug War: Drug-User Oriented Harm Reduction and Drug Policy.

This month, the collaborative invites you to join Nancy Campbell, Sterling Johnson, Anne Kveim Lie, and Nicole Luongo as they deconstruct the brain disease model of addiction utilizing a historical context to discuss the impacts this model has had on the experiences of people who use drugs. This session will include time for a Q&A with our roundtable discussants, moderated by Helena Hansen. To register for the event, held May 23rd at noon Central time, please use the following link:  

This series is being hosted in partnership with: the Drug Policy Alliance, the Fore Foundation, the National Survivors Union, the School of Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences Program D3S the UCLA Center for Social Medicine, and the Yale Program in Addiction Medicine.

For questions or access to previous session recordings please contact:

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