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Points Personnel: In Case You Were Wondering…

Updated: Aug 30

Inside Higher Ed yesterday carried a follow-up to the man-bites-dog story of Stephen Kinzey, a Cal State San Bernadino Professor of Kinesiology, who, in his spare time, led a motorcycle gang called the Devil’s Diciples [sic] and is wanted in connection with a methamphetamine ring that they operate in Southern California.  (The LA Times broke the story last week.)

Prof. Kinzey and Gang Accoutrements Seized in Office Hours Raid (photo: LA Times)

To address the mind-boggling question of how a tenured faculty member could have the time to head up a major criminal organization given the burdens of teaching, research, and service, Inside Higher Ed consulted Professor Tom Barker of Eastern Kentucky State University, an expert on motorcycle gang culture.  The gist of Barker’s comments: basically, it wouldn’t be too hard.

One item of interest to Points readers, however, deserves further comment.  Barker noted that he knew of two other members of the professoriate who were also members of “outlaw motorcycle gangs,” but refused to divulge their identity.  For the record, folks, Points co-managing editors Joe Spillane and Trysh Travis may enjoy the occasional charity rally, but they are not now, nor have they ever been members of a biker gang.

Points Editors Spillane (l) and Travis (r): "Looking for guest bloggers/And whatever comes our way..."

Stay vertical, y’all.

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