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New Book Series: “Intoxicating Histories” from McGill-Queen’s University Press

Updated: Aug 29

New book series coming from McGill-Queen’s University Press: “Intoxicating Histories,” with series editors by Virginia Berridge, Erika Dyck, and Noelle Plack.

Whether on the street, off the shelf, or over the pharmacy counter, interactions with drugs and alcohol are shaped by contested ideas about addiction, healing, pleasure, and vice and their social dimensions. Books in this series explore how people around the world have consumed, created, traded, and regulated intoxicating substances throughout history. The series connects research on drugs and alcohol with diverse areas of historical inquiry, including the histories of medicine, consumption, trade, law, social policy, and popular culture. Its reach is global and includes scholarship on all periods. Intoxicating Histories aims to link these different pasts as well as to inform the present by providing a firmer grasp on contemporary debates and policy issues. We welcome books, whether scholarly monographs or shorter texts for a broad audience focusing on a particular phenomenon or substance, that alter the state of knowledge.

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Authors are invited to submit manuscript proposals by e-mail to the series editors and/or acquisitions editors: ∙ Virginia Berridge, Series Editor, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, ∙ Erika Dyck, Series Editor, University of Saskatchewan, ∙ Noelle Plack, Series Editor, Newman University-Birmingham, ∙ Richard Baggaley, Acquisitions Editor, ∙ Kyla Madden, Acquisitions Editor,

For more information on submitting a proposal and publishing with McGill-Queen’s University Press, visit the Publishing With Us page at

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