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Call for Papers: The Alcohol and Drugs History Society Conference 2015

Updated: Aug 30

Call for Papers

Borders, Boundaries & Contexts:  Defining Spaces in the History of Alcohol & Drugs

Papers and panel proposals are invited for an international conference on the history of alcohol and drugs to be held at Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH, USA on June 18–21, 2015.  Panel proposals (3 x 20-minute papers) or individual papers (20 minutes) are invited.  We will also consider proposals for fringe sessions using non-conventional formats e.g. screenings, debates, demonstrations etc.

Borders, Boundaries and Contexts seeks to break down barriers in the historical study of drugs and alcohol, encouraging transnational approaches and methodologies that transcend the singular focus on alcohol or drugs. The Program Committee invites proposals for individual papers and complete panels exploring how:

  1. spaces, boundaries and borders – physical, legal, chronological, psychological, or ideological – have influenced the history of alcohol and drugs;

  2. contexts, spatial or otherwise, have shaped the production, consumption, imagination, or regulation of alcohol and drugs;

  3. particular “spaces” have defined eras, episodes, or issues in the history of alcohol and drugs.

Proposals from advanced graduate students and recent PhDs are particularly welcome, as are submissions on topics beyond North American and Europe, along with papers and panels that focus on periods before the modern era.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  1. Global drug trade and the War on Drugs

  2. Crime and Policing of spaces, boundaries, borders

  3. Prohibition of drugs and alcohol

  4. Temperance movements

  5. Tobacco use and regulation; international perspectives

  6. Licensing, pricing, and sale of alcohol and drugs

  7. Labor and underground economies

  8. Media regulation directed at alcohol and drugs advertising

  9. Substance abuse treatment and self help groups as “spaces” for recovery and sobriety

  10. Race, ethnicity, and gender in the history of alcohol and drugs

  11. Religion, alcohol and drugs

  12. Use and regulation of alcohol and drugs in premodern cultures

  13. Alcohol and drugs in digital and popular culture

  14. Role of policy-making and politics in defining spaces and boundaries for drug and alcohol production and consumption

  15. The intersection of race, sexuality and space in the history of alcohol and drugs

  16. Methodology:  new tools and concepts in the history of alcohol and drugs

  17. Alcohol and drugs impact on sports

Panel sessions: brief abstracts (c. 200 words) of each paper plus a brief statement (c. 200 words) outlining the panel theme and a brief biography of participants.  Single papers: brief abstract (c. 200 words) and brief biography.  Fringe events: Outline of proposed event (up to 500 words) including proposed content, technical requirements and rationale.

Please reply to:

Deadline for submission: 17th October 2014

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